Frequently Asked Questions

What is First Aid Service?

First Aid Service is an online tool for companies to find the right first aid service or supplier for their individual needs. Many buyers are not aware of their options and usually settle for the first option that comes their way. First Aid Service helps restaurant managers, medical professionals, hotels, businesses and consumers find the right first aid service or supplier based on their individual needs.

What geographical area does First Aid Service cover?

First Aid Service covers all major Australia, U.S., and Canada markets. If you are in a rural area without coverage, we will work to find the options that are available.

What do I get when using First Aid Service?

After you tell First Aid Service your product needs and general company information, we narrow down the options in your area to the best possible companies. We pass your information along to them and they will contact you to discuss your exact needs and to get you pricing.

How many companies should I expect to hear from?

We limit the number of members that contact you to no more than three. However, usually only the top one or two companies in your area will receive your information.

What are the costs for using First Aid Service?

First Aid Service is a free service to all customers searching to find a company. The members in our Premier First Aid Service Network incur a small fee to allow us to provide our service at no charge to the buyer or renter.

Am I obligated to buy from any members in the First Aid Service network?

No. Our service is only a tool for buyers to easily explore their first aid service options (however, you likely will be given the service and quality our member companies provide). Whether you use our members' service is strictly up to you.

What criteria are used to qualify the members in your network?

  • Check company references of select existing customers.
  • Verify business licenses.
  • Verify insurance coverage.
  • Verify state business filings.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) lookup.
  • Bankruptcy search to ensure solid financial status.
  • Legal search for outstanding judgments or liens.
  • Verify a minimum of three years in business.

First Aid Services verifies all of these criteria when a new member joins our network. We also update our records from time to time, however we cannot guarantee that the information does not change or expire over time. Please be sure to verify all relevant information to your business before hiring any company.